About Us

Ebenezer Gospel Mission is an evangelical ministry which began in 1985. It was founded by Pastor Thomas Abraham, Mr. A.P. Mathai and Mr. Joseph Abraham after a month of focused prayer for the evangelization of India. They began a radio ministry called “Sound of Gospel” (“Suvishesha Shabdham” in Malayalam) which broadcast Pastor Abraham’s messages on Far East Broadcasting Associates (FEBA Radio) and Radio Sri Lanka. This radio program reached the Malayalam language audience throughout the Indian subcontinent, as well as many nations in South Asia - from Saudi Arabia all the way to the Philippines.

The radio ministry was followed up with a correspondence course for the radio audience and church planting work in India. Over the years, EGM missionaries have planted over 200 churches in India. Our goal is to reach the unreached people in India with the Gospel. We evangelize animist tribal groups in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh, as well as Hindus and Muslims in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. In order to train pastors, evangelists and missionary leaders, we began Covenant Bible School in Kerala in 1990, which eventually grew in Ebenezer Theological Seminary (now located on two campuses in Tamil Nadu).

Today, our primary focus is church planting and evangelism. We are training men and women for the mission field through the Seminary and affiliated Bible schools. We are also helping the poor and underprivileged through orphanages, trade schools and charitable giving in times of need.

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