A Message From The President

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I amvery grateful to all EGM supporters and prayer partners. My wife and Iwith few of our friends were in India during the months of February,March, and April. As we were praying, God enabled us to start five morechurches in a new state Jharkhand. Jharkhand is a state situated between Madhyapredesh,Chattisgrah, Orissa, and West Bengal. About 79,714 sq kilometers areawith a population of 27 million divided into 22 districts. Majority isliving in tribal villages. India as a country has approximatley 83% Hindu’s and 2.4% Christians. Manyvillagers are accepting the Lord and it is very encouraging to see thehunger for the word of God.

Religious persecution in India is growing more in the states ofKarnataka and Orissa during the month of April, 14 pastors in Karnataka(Kudage District) were arrested and put in jail for 10 days. Thank youfor your prayers for their release. God answered our prayers anddelivered them from there through bail. The case is still pending a decision. Every Sunday the charged mission workers have to present themselves at the police station where they weredetained. The church planting ministry is growingvery rapidly. Please keep the ministry work in your daily prayers.

The charitable work is also increasing. An orphanage is being built in Parvathipuram, Andra Predesh. At present the orphanage is being run in a rented facility. Tailoring school and feedingstations are working very well but the needs are increasing from thisschool year. Starting from the month of June we are feeding school children in the villages of Karnataka. It is a very effective ministryto teach the children and the community.

2018 Ebenezer Gospel Mission Inc.,